Accolades for Glenn Fox

I have no hesitation in recommending Glenn as a very talented performer, as an artist committed to enriching the lives of whomever he meets, and as a person deeply sensitive to the joys and mysteries of life! 
 The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
In Dallas and Atlanta, Glenn completely captivated the adult audience. Most of these people are arts educators who have seen many, many young artists. Glenn was fresh and great fun – and I believe many of these people will contact him about their own artists-in-schools programs.
National Aesthetic Education Learning Center

Glenn's impact on our children cannot be measured. We have hosted many accomplished artists on our campus, but none has "set a spark" in them like Mr. Fox. During the week the group work was marvelous, but the "icing on the cake" was the Friday morning performance for the entire school. More than one student reported that "this was the best ever!"

One is tempted to wonder just how Mr. Fox works his magic - so great are the results. But it is probably best to state simply that this artist deals directly with things of the heart. he opens up his audience, and the love flows. I've never seen anything like it!
Most sincerely,
Benjamin J. Slavich - Chairman, Fine Arts Department

Heathwood Hall Episcopal School - Columbia, SC

Glenn Fox, artist-in-residence, spent a week with sixth, seventh and eighth grade choral students, and students in French 6 and 7 at Charlotte Latin's Middle School. The students had a wonderful week of singing, story telling, dancing, and miming.

The culmination of the week was a performance, for grades four through eight, in which our choral students performed with Glenn and his band. What a treat for all of us!

Glenn is a classically trained musician who knows how to "play" with language and music in such a way that students have a great deal of fun as they learn.

I highly recommend Glenn Fox to schools with students of all ages. He works well in music classes as well as in French and German classes and language arts.
Debbie Lam, Head of Middle School
Charlotte Latin School, Charlotte, NC
I am very pleased to recommend Glenn Fox as artist-in-residence. He taught and performed at our school during "Music in our Schools" month. Mr. Fox received rave reviews from our community, parents, faculty, staff, and most importantly, our students.

Mr. Fox's ability to include all students and recognize the quiet desire of some students to be part of the production without embarrassment is a gift. Musical selections were chosen to inspire talent, encourage the spirit, and enable all to have the opportunity to experience performance!

It was a musical joy to have him as artist-in-residence, and , for our spring concert. We look forward to working with him in the future! 
Jane M. Cromley - Music Teacher
Waccamaw Elementary School - Pawleys Island, SC

It's been wonderful, absolutely wonderful! He loves every child and makes every child feel special. He involved everyone, and they never do anything wrong. He makes it part of the act if there's a mistake.
Faith Godwin - Music teacher
J. Paul Truluck Elementary School - Lake City, SC

Glenn Fox came to Laurel Hill Elementary School to provide a week long enrichment program for our entire student body.  It was amazing to see how well he interacted with the students.  Each class had the opportunity to have small group interaction with him.  In a high-paced and hands-on class, the students acted out stories, danced, sang songs and were truly touched.  He has a true gift in reaching every individual student and drawing them into a rich musical experience.

Glenn ended the week with a school-wide program, incorporating the talents of the faculty and students.  He made the whole school community feel talented and blessed.  The students were very eager to perform and wanted to pursue other musical performances.  I highly recommend Glenn’s talent in any musical endeavor.

Priscilla Weir - NBST, Music Teacher
Laurel Hill Elementary School - Laurel Hill, NC

Mr. Fox visited our school over the course of several weeks to work on a musical program with our students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Our kindergarteners were eager to go to their music resource and talked about this "Mr. Foxy" who was teaching them wonderful songs and dances.

On the last day of rehearsal, K-2 students and teachers assembled in the gymnasium to await Mr. Fox's arrival. Suddenly the gymnasium became silent as the coach's office door opened and Mr. Fox stepped out. He soundlessly made his way around to the front of the assembly as the music began to play. He pantomimed the movements to the flow of the song. The children were awestruck. It was amazing to see over 200 children so enthralled by the musical talent of one man that they were absolutely silent as they gazed at him in wonderment. After he had their undivided attention, Mr. Fox then had the children stand up and involved them in free musical expression.

What Mr. Fox has taught our children has stayed with them. Weeks after his visits our students continued to speak of Mr. Fox and sing his songs as they went about their daily school activities and free play.

It was evident by the way the children responded to Mr. Fox that he not only has a musical talent, but a gift that should be shared with children. We were honored to have him visit our school this year and would be thrilled to have him return again next year. We highly recommend Mr. Fox to any school that would like to energize and enhance their music program, and expand the horizons of their students.
Jennifer Kaylor & Barbara Beason - Kindergarten
West Hoke Elementary School - Raeford, NC

It was a special pleasure for us to hear you at the Alliance for Arts Education Regional Conferences in Cambridge, Dallas and Atlanta. Your unique flexibility enabled us to tie your musical messages with our conference goals.

Responses to your performances were quite positive, Glenn. We are certainly pleased that, as an initial cooperative effort of this type, this was so successful.

Please come back to the Kennedy Center soon for another informal afternoon session!
Yours sincerely,
A. Candace Noble - Regional Coordinator, State and Local Programs - Alliance for Arts Education
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Washington, D.

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